Truly stellar craft brewing requires spotless sanitation

Zep provides more than just brewing sanitation products. We partner with you to ensure that your meticulous craft has pristine brewery cleaning procedures.

Our products work. Period. From removing beer stone to line lubrication, Zep Craft Brewing has your brewery cleaning covered – no need for boosters to enhance cleaning and sanitation.

We also provide an army of food and beverage safety consultants that can come to you for in-plant service visits, education on sanitation procedures, and maintenance services.

You pay attention to every detail. Don’t neglect this crucial one.

Stellar cleaning in the brewing process

Click a letter to learn what microbes can contaminate your line!

A. Mash Tun / Mash Kettle / Lauter Tun

  • Spoilage Microbes Acetobactor & Gluconobacter
  • Spoilage Characteristics: Acetified Product, Ropiness

B. Wort Kettle

  • Spoilage Microbes: Acetomonads, Flavobacter, Pectinatus, Zymomonas
  • Spoilage Characteristics: Acidic, Turbid/Ropiness, Greasy/Pellicle Rotten Apple Flavor

C. Hot Wort Tank

  • Spoilage Microbes: Acetomonads, Bacillus, Leuconostoc Streptococci, Pediococcus
  • Spoilage Characteristics: Buttery off flavor, Ropiness, Acidic off flavor

D. Plate Cooler

  • Spoilage Microbes: Lactobacilli
  • Spoilage Characteristics: Haze, Ropiness, Thinning

E. Fermenting Tank

  • Spoilage Microbes: Bacillus, Leuconostoc, Pediococci, Streptococci, Wild Yeast
  • Spoilage Characteristics: Sarcina sickness – off Flavor/Ropiness, Vinegary/Fruity and Yeast Haze

F. Resting Tank

  • Spoilage Microbes: Acetomonads
  • Spoilage Characteristics: Acidic off flavor

G. Filtration Unit

  • Spoilage Microbes: Acetomonads, Enterobacter, Megasphaera, Pectinatus
  • Spoilage Characteristics: Rotten egg odor, Turbidity and Buttery acids

Zep products remove bugs and deliver stellar sanitation

Here are three that make spoilage prevention easy:

  • FS CIP Cleaner™ with no booster needed
  • XT-2002™ Acid Cleaner
  • Peroxy-Serve® 5 Sanitizer
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When the plant is humming, you can whistle a tune. Ensure your brewery stays pristine and produces stellar craft brew with Zep’s full line of products created to keep your plant running at its best.


Spotless tanks make for better brew. We can help your tanks stay free from build-up.

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No bacterial infection can skunk a carefully-prepared batch when you sanitize properly. Let us help you keep it pristine.

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Scrub it down with the best cleaners available. We can help you keep it clean.

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Well-maintained conveyor belts save time and money. Gleaming surfaces best show off your craftsmanship.

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